Crashing freezeing / help

Well both me and a friend periodically freeze in game and sometimes we have to reset the pc to restart ?

Is this a problem that is known or is it just us …any help would be great

windows 10
3.5 processor AMD
960 gtx graphics


i have the same issue, i got 70 fps on maxed all graphics parameters but sometimes the game freeze for couple of seconds (not responding). especially when looting (boxes, corpes, or mines etc.)

That lag when you open ANY container usually happens when you open any container for the first time after loading in. The freezing happens to us all, its due to the memleak.

yes, it is true that it is only happening when i do it for the first time in game or for the first time when im afk long. It is happening when i use Voice chat for the first time too.

Yes, quite a common problem … especially when starting a shootout with someone and at the wrong time lag begins a wild and just kill you like a puppy. In short I hope it will soon fix :frowning: