Crashing on Dallas Small 1

I’ve been playing on the server for approx 2 weeks, started crashing last night every 15-20 minutes, logged on today and same issue persists.
Black smoke below while jumping
Text glitched out
Water splash effects are black
Air drop plane smoke trail is black
(just to name a few issues)

Image links:

Edit: I have joined several other official servers to test if it’s my client, and the issues were not present on the other servers. I can only assume it’s an issue with Dallas Small 1
Edit2: Sometimes when you drop items on the ground or foundations they fall through the map/disappear. Also, others on the server are saying sometimes items are disappearing from inventory.

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This is what happens right before a crash, I F1 Killed myself to produce this error.

I’m here to bring this issue up as well.
Black smoke when chopping wood as well.

The error I usually received was…

*Infinity or NaN floating point numbers appear when calculating the transform matrix for a Collider. Scene hierarchy path “assets/prefabs/player/player_movement.prefab”

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing the same issues Deathjest :confused: at least I’m not alone.

For the few seconds that I was able to chat, everyone was having the same issues.
I wondered why there were only 8 people on tonight.

I bet those one guys didn’t like the wall, and this is all their fault.

Well, it looks like Dallas Small 1 is down