Crashing On Join

Yes I’m having an issue that is when sometimes people join, it causes the server to crash. It’s quite annoying and is preventing my server from growing in size, so if anyone could help me to figure it out, I’d appreciate it. I am aware that it has to do with the cache folder, and that it does require addons being deleted, but I was wondering if there was a work-around. I’ve already tried deleting the cache folder, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue. Thanks for any help you can offer.

What is the specs on your server system, whats your connection upload\download rate, how many slots, what addons do you have installed?

Deleting the cache folder has been recently dis-proven, or else only one cause of join crashing. Clearing the dua cache only really helps if you’ve removed a enough stuff, arrgh. See my topic “Collecting dua file counts” for what I’m trying to dig up. So far, the safe spot that I’ve had luck at is ~34 addons + ~480 dua files in the /cache/dua folder. Watch this space as I’m trying to root out a common addon that’s causing this.

Good, that’s something that will help all of us, Godspeed. My best wishes that you can find the culprit, as it’s halting any possible growth of my server. :confused: Either that or I use way too many addons, but I don’t think that I have that much.

Yes, i have the same problem.

i do too

I run Admin on a Spacebuild server, and it happens quite frequently. My query is, how do I clear the Lua Cache? anything is better than nothing, but I was also wondering if it is possible to stop the server from uploading ANY files to players?

It happened to me too, it’s (probably) a addon


wait, are you running a dedicated server or a listen server ( Create Multiplayer=Listen server)

Its most likely the wonderful lua string table overflow bug (Host_Error: Overflow error writing string table baseline LuaStringTable). The only fix is removing most of your addons and only keeping needed ones. Another thing to try is reloading your map every hour or so and or making a script that does it and warns before several minutes before the change. I wish there was a fix for it but i dont see that happening anytime soon, it makes servers that need many addons such as spacebuild pretty unstable -Save often /:

Anyway Clean out some unneeded addons such as admin weapons etc.

Hope it helps some