Crashing on joining DarkRP (possibly other) Games

Today, after a good long while, I decided to play some garry’s mod. I joined around, at least to one normal sandbox server successfully, but when joining RP (specifically DarkRP since there is no other RP around, much) - I get to spawn, what is followed with game crash.

I tried to clean my DUA cache several times, and Beside the screenshotted addons folder, I do not have any client addons (No radar or such addons directly in LUA folder)

System specs:

AMD atholon x2 64x 3800+ (~2ghz)
4Gb of system ram
Nvidia GeForce 9800GT with 1GB of Vram
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

My installed addons:

Wire is updated today while trying to make gmod not crash.

All (if any) help is highly appreciated

Edit: apparently this also for any server what has… dunno what - some servers make my game crash and some does not apaprently

thats a lot of addons, and if you havent played in awhile, one of them has probably become incompatible. i suggest you only use the addons you need and start from scratch (ie no addons) to verify your game is actually working on its own.

well to be granted, most of those addons are just raw model packs - but that is what I about did and it seems to be fixed for now