Crashing on loading

Hey guys,

So im wondering if this issue is happening with anyone else. I have recently done the update and now I am unable to get into the game. It starts the loading process of the game but when it gets to the anti-cheat it crashes. Its happened like 4-5 times now and I have done the traditional fix of signing out and restarting steam, restarting my computer but it doesnt seem to work. I have been able to get to the server list 2 times but then it crashes again. Will I have to delete and then reinstall the game in order for it to work? or is this a bug others are having.

Any information helps.


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Looking over the forums I have noticed that some people have cited their anti virus as an issue. I have Kasperky and have had the same antivirus since August and this issue has never happened before. No updates other the one for windows 10 recently (havent played rust since January 23) before the update

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Update at 10:56 EST I have been able to get to the server screen pick a server then it crashes. Tried Rust Direct 9 as well and it crashed on the initial loading screen.

Same issue here (Linux). le sigh.


I-5 4460 3.20 Ghz
Windows 10
GT740 Nvidia

I’ve always been able to play Rust with confidence on Simple graphics (could probably play it higher) but yet since the update it hasnt been able to open or load properly. I havent played for about 2 weeks as I had assignments and homework to attend to.

yeah, i mean that should run rust without too many issues; not amazingly, but well enough.

kapersky have exceptions for both rust exe’s? have you tried disabling it temporarily?

any error logs?

Sounds like an eac issue, lots of people get them for different reasons, happened to me once, I verified the game files and it turned out the game didn’t update properly, it rectified the problem automatically and fixed the issue.

If that doesn’t work you can of course try to reinstall eac, but first I would try mrknifey’s suggestion of adding exceptions in kapersky. Not just for the rust exes but also for eac.


So I checked and both of the rust exe are good to go in the allowed files. I didn’t see a EAC file anywhere on the exceptions list but the way kasperky had it laid out it tells you if any had been restricted and none where. I noticed the update that came out last night and tried to play it after the update but still got to the server screen and it crashed for me.

I’m going to try and delete the files then reinstall the game and see if that helps.

Update 11:07 am - I reinstalled the game after deleting all the content on my computer and it seems to be working better now. Mod can you delete the thread.