Crashing on map launch without error message. TF2 reward for solution.

I subscribed to these collections and now the game crashes on map load with any map before I see the map and doesn’t give an error message, it does however leave the MDMP file but I don’t have visual studio to open it with.

If someone could open these for me and report back with anything that could help in the error log I would be extremely grateful.

I can’t download Visual Studio myself as I am having internet issues and downloading at sub 200/KBs speeds and had to wait all night for those addons to download.

Links to MDMP files:

Whoever helps me fix this without deleting all the new addons I got, I can give you some stuff on TF2 if you want.

MDMPs don’t require VS to open, they’re a text-based file. Alternatively, you can view them in a sorted manner here:

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Also, you probably won’t find out the addon causing the crash from the MDMP; I recommend unsubscribing from some until you find out the cause.

Thanks for the help, the thing is I downloaded tons so I hope someone can look at the MDMPs and point me in the right direction at least, I opened one with the link you gave, I just don’t really know what I am looking for in it.

Noone can provide you with a name, unsub from addons until it’s fixed. ( Or just disable all of them, restart the game and try then )