crashing on play game

Hi, i have been having a problem where whenever i press play game it just freezes the browser and i cant play the game. i tried different browsers and i even re formatted my computer(not because of rust, i had some compatability issues without a fix) but still nothing.
Somone help please

Post what graphics card you are using, and also try to reinstall unity

Nvidia GeForce 210 its quite old. but i was able to play when i first signed up

Well, it’s not intel graphics at least. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser. Also, reinstall unity web player by uninstalling it from the add/remove programs in the control panel, and then go back to rust to redownload it

ok ill try that.

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it orked. :smiley: thank you

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also any tips on how to improive the prefomance and stop the stutter lag?

Lower your graphics using this button

in your top right after using the TAB menu.

or press / * to toggle graphics in game