Crashing on "Sending Client Info" with a specific server.

When I’m trying to connect to this certain server, which is currently running the latest version of PirateShipWars, everything works fine until it completes it’s way to Sending Client Info, in which I get the little popup “Hl2.exe has stopped working”

Other servers work fine, I was helping test this server earlier before we had the models working and nothing was wrong then, server owner dosen’t know how to fix it either.

I’m trying to refrain from reinstalling my garrysmod.

Intel Core Duo - 2.13ghz.
Ram - 2GB.
NVIDA Geforce 9200M GS.

How long did you wait after the popup appeared?

Uh, I waited until it told me that it’s closing the Hl2.exe and it’ll look for a problem, if that’s what you mean.

I renamed my garrysmod folder to old, then I restarted garrysmod, transferred over the maps and the model pack then joined the server.

Everything worked fine, until they changed the map. It downloaded the map graph for the new map, then crashed my hl2.exe again.