Crashing on startup

Hi guys, not sure why but whenever I try to run Garrys mod, it will load for about 5 seconds and then crash to my dekstop without any error message. I was wondering if you guys know what I can do to stop this? I have already tried doing a “clean” install of gmod, along with reinstalling hl2 and gmod. Its worth noting that I get crashfiles in my garrysmod folder but I have no idea what to do with them, I will leave a puu:sh of the most recent one. I hope somebody knows what I need to do to so this issue.

Have you updated your graphics card and tried verifying your game?

Yes I have tried verifying my game multiple times. I haven’t updated my graphics card, but I did not know that could cause the game to crash. I’ll give it a go.

EDIT: Updated my graphics card and it still crashes. The only thing I can think of that is causing this is my new antivirus MalwareBytes, but I’ve made rules in the antivirus so it ignores Gmod.


Is that supposed to mean something? Otherwise what’s the point in posting that :confused:

-snip- is usually a way of stating that you removed your post.

Whatever he posted, he might think it irrelevant or rude, so he removed it and replaced it with -snip- to indicate he “cut it out”.

Ah, thank you for elaborating

Sorry to double post but does anyone actually know what I can do to fix this?

Try removing addons (from both the addons folder and workshop subscriptions) and removing malwarebytes

Already removed addons (Like I said in OP, did a “clean” reinstall") Just removed malwarebytes and it still wont run :confused: