Crashing, really annoying, game not playable anymore

I’ve been playing gmod for 2 years now, and since the last update, my singleplayer and multiplayer won’t work.
When i go to singleplayer, i wait normally, for the resources and stuffs to load, but when it gets to initializing game data, black screen appears and i am on my desktop, no error reports no hl2.exe has crashed and send error report window.
For multiplayer, when i join a server, any server, i stay online for 10 seconds, and then that little hourglass appears next to my pointer, and it happens the same as singleplayer.
I am certain that this is not my PC’s issue, i have 4 more friends that told me this was happening to them too.

And yes, i have tried reinstalling, deleting addons, messing with my system, and no progress.
Can someone tell me what the issue is and resolve it?

Wait for Garry to fix it, there’s nothing you can do sadly.

Okay, thank you.

:facepalm: If you can’t understand that, I don’t know what to say. That is Garry saying he *knows GMod is broken.

*EDIT: never mind he edited it