Crashing upon sending client info

I own a server (I wont put the name so I don’t get rekt by the staff team for advertising) and I can join it just fine on my main computer which is a desktop running window 8.1 but whenever I attempt to join from my laptop which is nearly brand new with almost no files it crashes upon entering.

No launch settings

Window 8.1, Intel i7, 8 GB RAM, The only addons I have on GMOD are the ones in my servers content pack (around 70)

Here is my dump:
EDIT:** Solved, apparently when i had used garrys mod for the first time on my laptop i needed to load into a singleplayer then it began letting me join any server without any troubles

Can you specify the exact model of your laptop? Can you join other server or start your own singleplayer games without crashing?

Thanks for the reply,

The model of my laptop is this -

I discovered I am able to load into singleplayer and join other multiplayer servers, as well am able to join other multiplayer servers without loading into singleplayer first.

So what I did was I loaded into a random sandbox, then singleplayer, then I was able to join.

Is there a way to fix it so I dont have to perform detours to join?

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Furthur noted - I dont need to join a multiplayer game to fix it, but the single player is needed.