Crashing when joining a server

When I join another server after being on a server I get a “hl2.exe has encountered a problem and has closed”, is there any way of fixing this, as I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the game via steam. My graphics card is an Ati Radeon Xpress 200 but I will be getting a new one soon. My gmod plays smoothly in game but I need this problem fixed.

Either increase the size of your virtual memory, or upgrade to Windows 7, the latter being the most effective.

Any other solutions?

In Your GMOD Folder You Should See Something Called “Cache” Go Into That And DELETE The “Dua” Folder. Should Fix It… (NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-DOWNLOAD ALL STUFF FROM PREVIOUS SERVERS) {Sorry For Caps} :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok i will try that thanks

That won’t do a thing, besides from him having to redownload lua.

Is there a fucking useful solution or fucking not?
I’m pissed off that no one will give me a useful answer. What the fuck happened to Garry Newman helping people, this is a serious prob. Don’t ban me for swearing. I love gmod, but I hate the fact that no one from the team truly helps out individuals. Creators of gmod should go around the Help threads and lend a hand more often, maybe even scan the player’s gmod files to see if anything there is causing a problem. I am tired of coming here to say that my gmod has problems, and no one truly helps out. If you have solutions give them out. Don’t lie to new players, welcome them. Just read this…

Actually, 2 members have given you perfectly reasonable answers. It isn’t hard to change your virtual memory, I swear I had an option in my control panel to do with it. Sure the windows 7 solution might be extreme; but it’s still a solution.

HOw do I increase my virtual memory then?

Control Panel, System, Advanced, Go to advanced again, click on: Change at the bottom, where it should display your current virtual memory.

I changed it to 1200 MB

I don’t know what size is good, but since I have like 10 gig’s on my C: drive somehow, I have it 2000 initial, 2500 max. Dunno what’s good as I sad before.

My max is 1344