Crashing when loading internet redirect(?) panels like MOTD's, rulesets etc.

Alright, so I’ve finally narrowed it down to the thread title. Each time I join a server, all goes fine and dandy untill I actually loaded it and puts me in the game. This, in turn, loads up a whole load of VARS including those panels server owners seem to be fond of. There’s roughly a 50/50 chance of me crashing right there. The text Doesn’t show up before I crash. Regular MOTD’s, like on DarkRP server don’t have this effect, it usually happens on more heavily scripted servers which may use a different technique.

Is this a known problem, and is there a solution to this annoying issue?

Don’t take me for someone who would know the solution but I am going to guess that it might be your processor or it’s drivers. What are your computer specs?

Quad core Phenom 9950BE
Nvidia 9800GTX+

Lowering settings doesn’t fix it BTW.

I really doubt it is specs… Especially after seeing them. It sounds to me like conflicts with these lua scripts, just how many servers would you consider to be heavily scripted?

*Gaming RP is one (runs off PERP 5.0). It might just be shoddy coding or inproper scaling with individual hardware settings.

Any server running PERP 5 has shoddy coding.