Crashing when workshop addons reach 100%

Everytime I try downloading these addons from the workshop Gmod ends up crashing when they reach 100%.

Have you validated your game?

Yes I have. Also it not only crashes Gmod but it crashes steam also.

The error my steam gets: steam client bootstrapper (buildbot winslave04 steam steam_rel_client_win32

Validate steam files, and possibly reinstall steam and GMod.

Reinstalled steam and gmod. still not able to download them

Do you have EP1 and EP2 mounted?
Have you been able to do a similar download in the past?

Yeah I got EP1 and EP2 mounted. and no I have never been able to download them. I have no problem downloading any other addons

Make sure Half-Life 1/Half life-Source is installed and mounted.

Not sure

Others: Make sure they are all mounted to the correct game and such

Everything is mounted correctly and that first addon does not require Half life Source


Go to your GMod root folder and there should be .mdmp files there. Upload one and put the link here so we can see what’s wrong with your game.