Crashing while loading map

My game gad been crashing whenever im trying to load a map, it never happened before, I tried several maps but cant get any to work, please help me

Same problem, I downloaded a new update this morning, most likely the cause.

Just got this from an update. Server’s crashing when a person joins and immediately on some maps.

Yeah, I also downloaded an update just now then i cant play any map… Glad to know im not the only one having this problem…

Sometimes I move on a server and I instantly get hl2.exe.

It’s happening to everyone who updates. I guess we’ll just have to wait it out

ma, I was so excited to use some new models then i cant load a map …

This has been due to a Mann vs Machine Update via TF2

Yup, same problem. Both me and a friend are having this problem after updating our garrys mod, and my other friend who didn’t update his garrys mod isn’t have the problem.

Most likely & No one has helped eather me or sonic here with our problems with gmod.

It’s not something people can just “fix”

For some reason Garry’s Mod 13 works fine for myself (I can even open the new TF2 Update maps on it). GM 12 faces incredible problems when loading any Singleplayer or Multiplayer map. To a degree it does seem likely that the recent TF2 is in some way responsible, but why does it only “crash” GM 12 and not GM 13?

gmod 13 runs off its own engine version. No TF2 update should break it.

Same problem, I guess I’ll be on GMod 13.

This sucks, I wish there was a ‘quick fix’ I just got some new cars that I wanted to test out, anybody know when Garry will be on?

I’m crashing too.

Hi. I have the same issue since the update is out.

I’m crashing also, as soon as a map is almost finish loading BAM hl2.exe crash. Damn update and Valve not controlling there updates.

I think its the update, I have the same problem as well, The map almost finishes loading then the usual hl2.exe not responding shows up, c

Garry is working on it!