Crashing while running Rust at 4k

After the new update, When trying to run at 4k, the game crashes just before showing the wake up screen after you join a server.

that crash happens to people who run on 1080 its not that your on 4k

Oh, probably has something to do with vram? When I put it down to 1440p it works fine.

Can confirm. Rust crashes in 4k only for me and many others. I’d really love to play rust in 4k, so please devs fix it asap!

Also, I’m using a gtx 980, 16gb ram and an i7 4770k @4ghz

Still nothing? Seriously devs… I’ve been waiting weeks to try rust in 4k. COME ON! 1440p ain’t enough on my glorious monitor.

Not to be a dick, but the devs have much bigger fish to fry than to cater to a small minority of people who want to play at incredibly high resolution. 1080 is the standard resolution these days. Even 1440p monitors aren’t close to being the norm.

The game is nowhere near being optimized for even playing at 1080p. Until it gets farther along in development, it’s quite likely you’ll be stuck playing at lower resolutions. I know it sucks. If I had a 4k monitor, I’d love to use it to its maximum potential as well.

Well obviously… The thing is that it worked before.

Welcome to alpha. The game’s in active development. Things will break. That’s the reality of software development.

As if I didn’t already know that. What’s your point?

I had the same problem. Game does all the loading and everything and just before you go to the wake up screen it drops to desktop.

I only have a 660 GTX so I know I’ll get like 2 fps but I want to see what it looks like and if it’s worth it to buy a 980 and 4k monitor. With 4k commonly crashing and questionable support for g-sync it looks like maybe it’s not.

One user only has 2 posts…and posts about something as obscure as 4K…the next user is 5 posts in…all of them here and is posting about the same obscure issue. It’s prolly safe to say both users are the same person who is a d-bag who is trolling so please GTFO or be useful.


Why… why would I troll? I just want to shed some light on this. Your theory is wrong btw, I am not afineout.

Must be an underlying issue though, higher resolution shouldn’t make a game crash.

Only for a console. Though good luck getting that on this gen anyway.

You’d be surprised. No one is getting SLI 970s, 980s and Titans to run at 1080p. Most people upgrading this year won’t be aiming for 1080p…

Does it even work that way? Optimization for a specific resolution… the game should simply scale with hardware. The biggest issue tends to be UI scaling but that’s something else.

I know that I won’t upgrade to anything besides 4K at this point. I’m trying to hold out as long as I can so 390x can come out and force down the price of the 980/Titan, but for sure my next stop is multiple 4K monitors.