Crashing while shooting vehicles

I noticed that shooting vehicles still causes crashes in some cases.

I’ve seen this issue about the subject but it has been closed so I don’t know if it’s the same problem or a different problem. When I viewed the dump here it showed up as the same exception as when decals were causing crashes but that does not really mean much.

This is the vehicle that most reliably causes crashes:
I’m using CW 2.0 if that’s relevant.

Here’s the dump:

Post the dump on the old GitHub issue, or create a new one. In the mean time, you can disable vehicle decaling through the weapons.

Oh alright, do you know the cvar to change?

If anyone finds this via Google, I created this issue:

There is no cvar, you’ll have to return true in a SWEP DoImpactEffect callback.

Oh I misunderstood you, thanks!