The instruction at “0x380dcc20” referenced memory at “0x00000010”. The memory cannot be “read”

Click on OK to terminate the program

So yeah, that’s the message I get when I’m at the loading screen.



No that’s unrelated.

Tried it 3 times, every time it failed. It was working fine before.

When was it fine.

It is related. My brothers having the same error since the update, its just the dialogue dont appear on Vista or 7.

It’s the TF2 Update, it broke the game for everyone.

Well you just jumped to a conclusion without any knowledge as to if this problem has been happening before. Don’t do that.

Well, considering this was posted right after the update, it was initiative that lead me to that conclusion.

Same for me, as i was loading the update i ran and it broke, then again after i let it load. wouldnt stop. i was gonna post a thread before i saw this one.

But that error could of been anything, and he may of just been waiting to post this, don’t jump to conclusions.

Your just trying to avoid the fact that, TF2 BROKE GMOD!

Nah, this just happened when I posted this.

Seriously it broke it, I am running a clean install and right after the update to TF2/DODS finished I started GMod and it gives the same error. Plus I just tried a fresh install.

I’m not avoiding that, the point is that I didn’t see a connection to that error and the current problem being that I only heard reports of Garry’s Mod closing and no error messages.


Well then you’re in the same boat as everyone else, welcome aboard.

My friend just got the update aswell at first his gmod worked then when he got the update it didnt work, coincidence? I THINK NOT!

(also, i know i have some bad spelling.)

Yeah okay, welcome to 30 minutes ago, I’m aware that the update is likely related to this Mr. Detective. Go solve something worthwhile.

Well…maybe i will…(pulls out his detective glasses)

Good job to all who unmounted thier tf2 content because they couldnt wait an hour.