Crate WIP

I made a crate to store my Rocks in… damn fools keep stealing 'em

This is based of of concept art by Paul Bradley

A quick screen shot of the high res model with textures

Going to get the game model done over the next few days.

Looks great!

I think you got the metal look down, but I can’t help feeling that the wood looks a little plasticky. It’s not really defined at all in the way the metal is, there is no grain.

I’m just wondering what you used to create this model in. I know AutoCAD 2D and 3D.

Dear OP,
when Rust becomes open to Steam Community created material, you will take your modelling talent to the extreme so that we can make use of your wonderful skill, right?

The render doesnt do the textures justice its just a quick sceenshot from zbrush.

I used Maya to model the base mesh and Zbrush for the high res sculpt and texture.

If they made Rust open to community modding we would all be running around in mankini’s,hitting each other with rubber phallus’ while collecting rocks and making chicken noises on the mic.

Looks great, very excited. Will this be more secure than the current wooden storage boxes? I love the idea of users being able to label the crates too!

Thanks Neil.

Just to be clear this (the second picture) is fan art… the first picture is concept art by one of the Rust devs (Paul Bradley).