CrateMaker 1.1

A fairly simple STool: click something to put it in a crate, break the crate to get the thing out again. :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Crate props, NPCs, pod vehicles, and (new in 1.1) players.
  • Configurable crate model (from item crates to milk cartons) and health.
  • Crates break realistically when opened.
  • Pretty effects.
  • (new in 1.1) Crates have an outline and (via tooltip) show what they contain.
  • Player-crating can be configured server-side: everyone, admins only, or nobody.


  • Players don’t get kicked when crated.
  • Crates now break properly when thrown with the gravity gun, instead of only when punted.
  • NPCs no longer uncrate at weird angles.

Many thanks to everyone who’s helped me along the way:

  • m0dUlator (original idea)
  • RBOX (sample code)
  • Devenger (ideas and code)
  • Darkflamer (server testing)

Instructions: Unzip, and place the CrateMaker folder in your garrysmod/addons folder.

(User was permabanned for this post ("So what's the craziest thing you've done lately?" - cosmic duck))

Sweet! I love this stool. Making it crate players has just increased my love towards you and your LUA.

Making it admin only makes it SuperAdmin only? Or did I just make myself seem like an idiot?

If it is availible to all admins, where should I change the IsAdmin to IsSuperAdmin?


By the way, someone was on my server claiming to be you. I’m starting to figure that it actually was you, as an impersonator would not try to keep his guise after coming back several days later.

Anyway, If that was you, Sure, I’ll help test the STOOL. I got my server fully dedicated now, by the way.

May I ask what happens to the player when they are crated?
Like, what do they see :raise:?

I’ll be using this :ese:

Players in crates? Sounds like Left 4 Dead. :excited:

you should make a birthday cake model, then on someones birthday you can get an alyx bot to jump out of the cake!

No no no, make it a vortigaunt. The reaction is much more entertaining.

Yeah, that was me. :wink:

They spectate the crate; think what you see when ghosting with ServerSecure or in GM9 Melon Race.

Nice STool! Gold star for you :slight_smile:

Dude, you totally made my day. I can’t wait to get home now.

Cool STool!
You got my download.

For any skeptics out there who still doubt the awesomeness of this tool, I submit these screens as evidence:

(They’re in a specific order, in case you can’t tell from the numbers.)



I think in the next release you need to make these crates duplicator friendly…

YAY. Really cool stool. Great against mingebags

Epic - I get credits for doing effectively nothing. I wouldn’t have been offended if you didn’t - I appreciate it. Gold Star - now I can go hide my rebel squad in small boxes and RULE THE WORLD!

Suggestions on usage: deployable manhacks (make a turret shoot an item on a numpad press so you can remotely open the crate), makeshift zombie launch device (1 health, attached explosive to lots of zombie-crates welded together. Boom - zombies - GRARGGH)

This tool is really cool! Awesome job :wink:

It doesn’t work for me the crates are just undestructible.
And whenever I use the crate the object apear at the center of the map frozen.

It also spams this in the console:

LS: Error: [Scripted Entity Function] entities/m_crate/init.lua:174: attempt to call method 'GetPos' (a nil value)

Very useful stuff :cop:
Gold star

Look! It’s a 07’er making crates! Great job I love it.

I’ve been working on it; haven’t quite figured it out yet. By the look of it, I’m going to have to restructure a lot of code.

I can see why - in theory - it shouldn’t work, but I’m not sure why it works for everyone else. It’ll be fixed in the next release. :slight_smile:

Be glad I didn’t release my first SWEP. :wink:

Is there a checkbox to disable showing whats inside?
I just love putting dumpsters in there, flipping it upside down and watching as someone goes over there and opens it to find that a dumpster drops over them and traps them :slight_smile: