Crates have disappeared

Seems as if after updating with the latest update, all of the rad towns and the airfield are missing the loot crates.

Fixed yesterday, there were 3 patches after the official one hit early thursday. Last one fixed it for my server. Takes abojt 30 min for them to show up in a noticeable amount.

Hasn’t fixed on my server yet. The server restarts every morning at midnight too.

I’m keeping a close eye on the barrels on my server and noticed something interesting, 2 of my maps radtowns have hardly any barrels spawning, but suddenly 2 places in middle of nowhere start spawning barrels, I’m thinking something messed up the location for barrel spawning.

Got something even weirder on mine (Hapis)… Hapis hasn’t had barrels for weeks (you’d get 10-12 tops at the airfield, that’s it). Now I get about 100 barrels total and they are all bunched up together in two rad towns. There’s A LOT of them in small areas.

Also, this is the really weird part, the crates in rad towns and double-trible and quadruple spawning… I can find up to 4 crates at the same exact position. Sometimes they’ll be stacked one over the other, sometimes they’re just in each other.