I hope that the recent update was a bug; since then, all my perfectly stacked Wood Crates are now disappeared.
I think that this is not intended, and that this problem will be solved.

I notice that in grottos, the bug ain’t killing stacked boxes. Cool, grottos are the best place to live atm.

I had a bunch of stacked crates with goods in them disappear last night as well. Left my base to go chop some wood. Came back to find the majority of my stacked crates had disappeared. Logged out and back in hoping it was a desync issue, but nope. All my crafting materials are now gone.

It’s not a bug. They removed the posibility to stack them because people “abused” them to raid houses, as in building a wood crate stairway.

So yeah… Your items are lost, but so is everyone else his. It’s a pain in the ass but you’ll have to deal with it. Because it’s going to stay this way (i hope).

I’m find with not being able to stack crates. I just wish I had known ahead of time. I would have put the high value crafting items elsewhere. 10k metal, 4k gunpoweder, tons of cloth, animal fat, fuel, etc lost. It’s a setback. But at least the base is complete.

We have to remember that in fact we are only “testing” the game, not playing it, but I understand your frustration of having all your resources lost because the developers changed their minds…

they could just reduce the maximum stackability, as for groups of at best 4. this would help us having a better home.

Yeah, I realize we’re testing. I don’t get too worked up about losing my stuff. It sucks that a last minute decision like that ruined what I’d been doing for several days in a row. But that’s the nature of the beast. It’s best not to get attached to anything, because it can be gone in a heartbeat.

But in the end, I still have my full metal base. My collected guns and ammo are stored in a different location to my processed mats. And either I or one of my team mates has the BPs to build the tools we lost. So all is not lost.

After I lost my stuff I just switched over to the dev branch until the next update. Even though this type of thing should be expected it would be nicer to see it coming through the dev-branch first.