Crazy Cavemen | Oxide | Fresh 18.01 | Doorshare | No Craft C4

Crazy Cavemen | Oxide | Fresh 18.01 | Doorshare | No Craft C4

Hi Guys!

Looking for more members to join the growing community on our server. Server is mostly UK/EU but all welcome!

  • Very N00b Friendly.
  • Doorsharing is active
  • Instacraft is active
  • C4 is not craftable (no huge raids going on daily)
  • Airdrops set at 35 players online
  • Server is pretty brand new not laggy one bit!
  • Hackers banned on sight and compensation given! (Ask Admin)
  • Recruiting more active admin!
  • Admin can’t abuse with spawn of items, as its monitored.
  • Free public mumble server up and running for any who wish to join it.

The server will pretty much move in the direction the community want it to, so if you have ideas get involved.

[F1] net.connect

*if your sick of hackers and looking to become a community admin, contact ****(Crazy) in game and we shal arrange an interview.

See you guys in the server hopefully!

Nice Post, Nice Server lets make a nice community of killerzzzzzz

lets keep getting the numbers up! the more the better!