Crazy Jay the Fusecutor

For Madmanmad.

*Based on an true and sladly unfortunate story…

Jesse was never too fond of furries. He always disliked their sexual preferences and practices. One night, he met (and made out with) this girl at a party. They dated for one day. The reason why their relationship was so short, was because the girl turned out to be a huge furry with the fursona of a “wolf kitusne”. As his peers teased and mocked Jesse, he held in his anger and hate for years, becoming more bitter each day. When furries took over Facepunch City, he lost control. He became manic, killing every furry and human he came across. He became a monster…*


"What do you call a dead furry?"

"An improvement…"


Default hl2 blood is meh, story has more spelling errors than his comics.


Ahh really nice, good backstory too.

Where did you get that sawn-off shotgun, i’ve been looking for a sawn-off model forever.


i won’t say nice things about you until i get a cameo

Max Payne2 Models.

I love the posing, and the Half-Life 2 blood is alright.


I found it.

Aint Renamon supposed to be a chick? So wouldn’t “fag” be in incorrect term? Well anyway, blood is alright and posing a little iffy.


Man, what a jackass. And to think if this kinda thing actually happened (although it seems more in place in sci-fi), this kinda person would probably become a bit more prominent.

Interesting concept, ok posing, acceptable effects, this one’s good enough.