crazy jump hacker on Rust North American Server 3

[PES] Mr.BigDick is a hacker and he is telling multiple people that he will blow their house up. He uses a hack to let him jump super high.

(User was banned for this post ("Read the rules before posting here. Missed the hackers report thread." - postal))

yes and now ? change server, on official servers vac is turned off (sometimes)

go on a community servers with active admins and stop post :smiley: btw report his steam id but ony the name says nothing dude


erm no its not vac is never turned off

you think so, it dont displays you.

But then tell my why my neighbours can still hack with vac ban in rust ?!

when its sudenly turned on they all get kicked.

On official server they let them hack (some times or often) to collect data.
i was on theyr teamsspeak while one night vac got turned on and all get kicked at the same time.

Dont talk about thinks u dont know :wink:

btw: my neighbours r hack developers… they build thery homepage name on the top of theyr bilding to make money.
bad neighbourhood but yea, i dont care and dont wanna start again 8 hours to set up a new small home …