Crazy man shooting a guy whos hanging off of a mountainside

its what the title says

You might want to look at your other thread for my comments.

i jst saw that…im not really prepared to spend money for photoshop, but maybe i’ll get that gimp thing

And if Gimp is still too confusing (Which is understandable) then get It’s a small editor that I use for light edits.

^It’s so much easier to use.

yeah, i think ill use paint :~)

I like how you’re criticizing the lack of editing, and not the more prudent issue; the lack of quality in the picture itself. The posing is very bad, the environment is unappealing and the general idea is pretty stale.

I’d give advice, but really all you have to do is take care with your work and make sure it doesn’t, well…


Terrible posing, shit face posing, little to no finger posing, out of place TF2 revolver, shit map.

Pretty much this.