crazy nuke dup


Ever wanted a adv dupe nuke ? well, its hard to explain, its a copy of a full nuke just spawn it un-freeze and done, it will fly around and when it touch the floor ka-boom.

also, a suicide car, touch any thing with the front of the car and ka-boom.

need hp ? use a grup health, old man.

want to kill ? use antillion poison.

REQUIREMENT: “Nuke 4” and advdup

Sure looks like a jeep with a bomb welded to it.

OOOOOOH, AAAAAH! Look at all the glorious lameness.

It seems he got the Redeemer missile and welded it to a Jeep so that the missile is bogged down and will curve under the weight instead of going straight.

The Garry’s Mod General Discussion section is officially dead to me, there’s about 12 threads in a row that just make me want to cut myself. This one topped it off, goodbye.

A noob could come up with better than this :sigh:


This place has run out of idea, i want a suicide smiley right now.