Crazy "p"

hey guys um… a few minutes ago i was playing on GM_geekroom that i just downloaded so… i was posing an citzen Killing an combine with an AVP claw… And i accidentally pressed “p” and Somehow i got every weapon! And Ammo! How is that possible?

oh also i dont remenber Binding any P key or any impulse 101 command.

That’s interesting. Hop in GMod, type bind p in the console and see what it’s bound to.

O_O it’s Binded to impulse 101 but i never used that command on gmod! (i’ve just used it sometimes on Hl2) but Never In GMOD!

P is bound to impulse 101 as default, just as V is bound to noclip.


In Gmod that is

O-o i didn’t knew that (the Noclip to V i knew) but the P to impulse 101 i didnt D= anyway thanks for the help!

um… anyone wanna se the pose i made?

Post it in Screenshots/Movies forum.

I didn’t know P could do that…

I guess you learn something new every day.

indeed. and get rated dumb every post >_>

thats funny, i changed my noclip key to N, its more confable to me. undo is P.
wanted 101 though, meh, i can just bind it.

N is my spawn menu key. :v:

I hate the “P” key, I got permabanned from a Gjail server cus I had it set as my suicide key. I spawned in a wall and got PB’d when I tried to get out.

Guess they had it so that anyone that pressed it to get weapons would be banned even if you had it bound to another command.

lol i remember pressing the ‘p’ button accidentally and gt all the weapons and ammo, i was like wtf??? i found out which button it was 3 days later

O_o Lol…

Ah well.

That’s the way the internet works I guess.