Crazy Physics

Crazy physics on [173][sent_tardis] [Ang:79.999985,79.999977,79.999977] [Pos:100.000000,100.000000,100.000000] - removing

Any fixes for this error? Can’t seem to do a lot with the Tardis…

find crazy
“sv_removecrazyphysics” = “1”

  • Remove entities when we detect their physics are going crazy. Turning this off should be a LAST RESORT - turning it off will allow people to crash sandbox mode using various physics exploits!

Make sure that var stays set to 1 on the server. Basically when Crazy Physics message shows up, it just prevented the server from crashing. It means either the prop was spazzing out or fell out of bounds, exceeded certain speed, or whatever…

Show us how you’re building the box, you may need to do it a different way so they don’t spazz… You can no-collide props with the other props ( but keep collision with players ) and weld it together so it won’t shake…

how do you send the physics to a mental hospital?