Crazy PvP / Near death experiences!

Hey guys - check out this crazy PvP.

I am open to all forms of feedback so let me know what you think!

(This isn’t intended advertising) But if you would like to play with us then the IP to our new server is in the description of the video!


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EDIT: New video out tomorrow. Got some amazing footage today :slight_smile:

How are you not dead!

2nd that xD

I don’t know I got really lucky… lol

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Good video though bro :slight_smile:

“They’re bloody taking shots at me! DO YOU COPY?” Lol, tore me to pieces that one! :v:

Ahah yeah by far the funniest moment… I was struggling to edit it… :slight_smile: I sat there for like 5m just watching it over, I couldn’t stop laughing!

Dat Aim

Indeed. Was a pretty hectic episode… :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy the fast paced action like this.

ahah its scary as hell on my end :smiley:

Maybe post a video where you kill someone besides naked people. Just a thought.

The server had just been wiped, and if you are seriously going to say the only people I killed were naked then you sir are blind.

He was only in cloth and leather too you know… And carrying a pipe shotgun lol.

Very true. The server was wiped less than 6 hours ago :slight_smile:
(From when I started recording on it)

You should do more videos like the ‘how to aim one’!

Yeah I will do. There’s a few things that I found out which I’m pretty sure not many/nobody knows about

Excited! can’t you just tell me now? hint or summin


Not at all! ITS MUCH BETTER! :slight_smile:

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Lets just say it will help improve gameplay techniques :slight_smile: