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Hello people of Facepunch!

Recently I have developed a RUST server that has seemed to be extremely popular with me and my community. I features a multitude of plugins and custom additions to make the experience more enjoyable for you, the player. I have gathered a group of trusted staff that will not, under any circumstances, abuse. If I received complaints of any administrator abusing, it would result in a demotion, no questions asked.

Join the RUST server at the following address: net.connect

The server offers a multitude of plugins and customized gimmicks that make the server enjoyable. I will run through a brief list of the things included, remember, this server is always being updated to give you the best experience:

-Death Handler (Customized)
-No Decay
-Remover Tool
-Door Share
-Private Messaging
-Group Chat

Additionally, there will be donator benefits coming out very soon. I will be implementing some features to make you want to donate. However, of course you still can at the link in the steam group!

Things donators would get will be:

-Ability to Craft C4
-All Blueprints
-Free Weapons
-Free Armour

Join the RUST server at the following address: net.connect

Along with the Rust server, we also have a TeamSpeak. Everybody is extremely friendly and welcoming. Join at the following address:******

Finally, instead of creating a forum page, I created a steam group so everybody could share opinions. You can find it here: