Crazy SNPC/NPC idea!

hello, hello, i’ve got an idea that will definitely add even more EpicNess to garry’s mod, now back in gmod 9, a big pack was released that pack held tons of dinosaur ragdolls, included, my favorite sea-going dinosaur period animal EVAR, tylosaurus…i think you can see where i am going with this, so if someone (preferably someone talented at SNPC/NPC making), could do this…i would be immensely grateful…thanks for reading, have a good day.

I see Well those models aren’t hexed so I can’t make it into SNPCs sorry =/

why would the there non-hexed-ness be a problem? other ppl have used those models for snpcs

If they are not hexed I mean they do not have animations.

i’m pretty sure there is already a huerg dino pack on gmod 13…

we really don’t need dinosaurs. good idea, but it’s not that practical.

There is dino SNPCs in gmod13 ?

i dunno, i fucking hope its not just ragdolls though!

they are ragdolls…

damn…the thing is you said there are tons of dinos in GMOD, but there is NO sea dinos, and thats what this request, more like idea, is, if you read it carefully, you would know.

there are sea dino ragdolls in that pack…

im talking about SNPCs, not ragdoll,s there is not a SINGLE water-dino snpc, and again, this is not a REQUEST, its and IDEA, there wasent an “idea” post tag so i just used request, but its not a request.