Crazy spy !

My latest and my first wallpaper, enjoy.[/media]

Something seems to be wrong with his trousers.
TF2 + CSS weapons = No
Isolating could use some work as well.

looks pretty good

The isolation is dodgy in places and the CSS AKs look bad but, other than that, nice.

I fought that there is something wrong with them :confused:

Have you ever heard of this nice little doohicky called the “finger-poser”? It works wonders when posing fingers.

Still pretty good picture.

Holy shit, don’t use CSS weapon. They look like shit. Other than that it’s pretty cool.

He isn’t even holding the ak. And the first one is too bright and those CSS original skins are terrible.

major clipping at spy’s fingers…also horrible finger-pose as the others said

Good, good. but I do agree to the other people, it is pretty weird using CSS weapons with tf2.

Good luck with that.