CrazyCow DarkRP Server!

CarbonCow Presents…

[CarbonCow]DarkRP/BuildRP Server!

Server Specs-

Dedicated Host
Server IP:
Server Location: Montreal, Canada
Slots: 10
Defaul Map: gm_construct
Gamemode: DarkRP2.4.1
Prop Limit: 150
Addons: ULX, PHX3, Prop Protection, Wiremod, Adv Dupe, Drugz!(“addons auto svn alwase uptodate”)

Custom Jobs: Security, Drugdealer, Bartender

Please report any bugs or if you have any comment or just want to join the community? Please visit our forums

or e-mail me at:

Hope to see you online :smiley:

Is this a Build DarkRP, Serious DarkRP, or a Lite DarkRP?

buildRP gm_construct but we take following the rules seriously, just basic darkrp rules no RDM no meta gaming NLR same rules you would expect on most darkRP servers

Um people dont follow rules in a DarkRP server… Anyways, here are some suggestions:
Make your server have something that no one (Or some) have including addons, edits in gamemodes, etc…
Might drop some by to check it out.

And yet another copy of shitty darkRP.

If you think it’s shitty, give some suggestions. It’s not the gamemode itself for attracting the mingers, it’s the players.

It is probably build rp. There is no lite or serious on dark rp. Dark rp = minge rp

No, its the gamemode. Players do not attract minges. The server is shit and I am not going to be a personal consultant giving suggestions which he is not even going to follow.

The players of DarkRP are usually 10 year olds trying to get a big E-penis.