Cre8ive Motorsport - Circuit 2017[/t]
Cre8ive Motorsport - Circuit 2017
Chosen by the people, for the people. It is time for a circuit event!

» General Information

Date: 3rd of September 2017
Time: N/A
Hosts: Haaax, Kryptek & Phulax

» Server Information

Server Name: Daemon Effect
Server IP Address:
Slots: 10
Map One: Tsukuba Circuit
Map Two: Matt’s Racing Park
Map Three: Mini Monza
Prop Limit: Infinite
Location: Europe

» Event Information

*This event spans across three days; each day a different circuit. Each contestant will drive three laps on a circuit; these laps are continuous. Said contestant will start at the finish line, and will go when the lights hit green. They will then continue to drive three laps around the circuit; without stopping. This will be repeated three times, across three days.
After the event, we will average those times ( (Day One + Day Two + Day Three) / 9 = Average Time), this will reveal the overall winner of the event. We will also average the times of each day, this way you can see on which track you were the fastest.
Only the hosts, filmcrew and one contestant will be on the server at any given time. This is to reduce lag and annoyance of other contestants.
We’re utilizing a maximum of 450 HP/tonne!

The event will be livestreamed by Kryptek. The link to his Twich, our Discord and the maps will be down below.*

» Automobile Information

Your automobile needs to look like a race/track-day car.
The following attribute is mandatory, the rest is up to you:

Racing number of your choice

Maximum HP/Tonne: 450

» Rules

1) All cars will be inspected thoroughly by an organizer. This includes inspection of e2’s. The organizers are of a certain caliber, where “secret sauce”- mentality does not apply. To clarify; we’re not interested in “stealing” code or contraptions, since we’re fully capable of creating whatever we want ourselves. Subsequently, post run inspections might occur, if something fishy or otherwise is going on.

2) All force must be delivered through the wheels. No external force / torque may be applied to the vehicle chassis. This includes: applyForce, applyAngForce, applyTorque and fin. Furthermore, exploiting ballsocket locks in relation to setAng steering is not allowed and will be tested for. Wire clutch, applyTorque and applyAngForce brakes are allowed.

3) Prop drag must remain at the default values. This includes all ACF entities.

4) Holographic bodies are allowed i.e. TDMCars, LWCars, HL2 cars etc. However, these models must be extensively modified.

5) You may only enter one automobile.

6) Your automobile may only have one engine.

7) Make sure that your engine suits your automobile; no 23.0L V12 in a Fiat 500.

8) If you happen to get off track, a penalty will be accounted to your time. This is the amount of seconds you were off-track.

9) If you’re unable to finish or compete a track, your time on said track will be 10 minutes.

10) Your automobile should have 3 or 4 wheels, not more, not less!

11) Your automobile should look like a race/track-day car.

12) Discord is a necessity; the link is down below.

13) Only ACF is allowed!

14) You have to put your images in between ‘[T]’ tags!

» Enter Form

You should fill out this form when entering.
Note: We need a picture of your car, to see if it qualifies.

Steam Name: Insert Steam Name
Steam Page: Insert Steam Page URL
Vehicle Name: Insert Vehicle Name
Engine Specifications: Insert Engine Specifications (This includes horsepower, torque, size and type)
Weight: Insert Vehicle’s Weight


» Participants

CM Punk - Caterham Superlight R500
[MG] Viral - Smart ForTwo
Lil Broomstick - Origami L12 4WD
Aros - 1995 Toyota MR2
Whyteboxer - 1997 Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four
Dobriy - Old Formula
Slithers - Slithers Estrela 7.2 SRC
[MG] Professor Petaflop - 2005 Acura NSX
ITAsimo456 - Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v
DatAmazingCheese - 1995 Nissan 180sx
Jollan - Porsche 956
Aindor - 2008 Holden SV6
Kitty the Cat - DMC-12
Chris! - 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner
Bob[HD] - 30’s Race Car
Thoz - Citroën DS 19 Break
The Defender - Ariel Ripoff
Karbine - Ford TrackRod
TimColder - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6
QuasarBarkas - 1974 Wartburg 353 Rennsport
Captain Prick Hunyer - 1991 Adept 666A
Hobbs - V12 Formula
jeRR - Volvo 242
Vinyl - *Model T Racer

TrappingGull - Volkswagen Jetta II '86
Dodcio Challenger - 1962 Rand Lover Macedonia

» Links

Tsukuba Circuit:
Matt’s Racing Park:
Mini Monza:

Steam Name: CM Punk
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: Caterham Superlight R500
Engine Specifications: 1.9L I4 Special Petrol - 262 HP with 161 ft-lbs of torque paired to a 6 speed gearbox - AWD
Weight: 1551 KG

still WIP

Steam Name: [MG] Viral
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: Smart Fortwo 2014
Engine Specifications: 3 Speed, 1.2L i3 Petrol
Weight: 506 kg

450hp/t is a bit much

Steam Name: [MG] Professor Petaflop
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 2005 Acura NSX
Powerplant Specs: 5.3l V10, 449 hp, 292 ft lb. (i know it has a v6 in real life, but without nodrag it takes almost 500 hp to stretch this thing’s legs.)
Weight:1020.6 kilos, or around there because steering plate weighing it down a tiny bit. Hp/ton SHOUdLD BE under the limit now
Other: mg sponsorship + 2000 hp.

surprised no fiat pandas have showed up :buddy:


is that a challenge


Steam Name: ITAsimo456
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: ~1990 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v
Engine Specifications: 1.9L I4 | 262hp | 220Nm | 9000RPM
Weight: 684.37kg[/T][T][/T]

Steam Name: DatAmazingCheese
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1995 Nissan 180sx
Engine Specifications: 2.0 L SR20DET I4 Turbo (1.9L I4 Special) - 195kW | 220nm
Weight: 1120.4 kg[/t][t][/t]


Updated 19.8.17

**Steam Name:**Jollan
Steam Page:
**Vehicle Name:**Group C Porsche 956 “Chassie type 004”
**Engine Specifications:**5.0L B6 engine 278HP | 330Nm | with fuel: 347HP | 412Nm
**Weight:**Total mass is 850.4 kg (819.8 kg physical, 30.6 kg parented, 96.4% physical)
326.7 hp/ton @ 278 hp
408.4 hp/ton @ 347 hp with fuel[/T] [T][/T]

Steam Name: Lil Broomstick
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: Origami L12 4WD (made-up car and name)
Engine Specifications: 226 ft/lb, 479 hp, Special 3L V12
Weight: 1064.3 kg (449.6 hp/ton)

Model is still WIP (edit: is still shit)[/T]

Steam Name: Aros
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1995 Toyota MR2
Engine Specifications: 1.5L Inline 4 Petrol, 82hp (103hp with fuel, in this case), 90nm
Weight: 760.6 kg[/t]


Steam Name: Aindor
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 2008 Holden SV6
Engine Specifications: 5.3L V10 Special (400nm / 449hp)
Weight: 1396.6 kg (321.5 hp/ton)[/t][t]

Steam Name: Whyteboxer
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1997 Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four
Engine Specifications: 1.9L Inline 4, 262hp, 220nm torque
Weight: 769.3kg
Misc: Livery still WIP[/t][t]

Steam Name: dobriy
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: Old Formula
Engine Specifications: 2.9L V8, 316 hp, 250 nm torque
Weight: 715.1 kg (661.1 kg physical, 54 kg parented, 92.4% physical) 441.5 hp/ton @ 316 hp
UPDATED 27.08.17

You lucky sods being able to hit 60mph/100km/h

I’ve got a chassis with wheel weights 40, chassis weight 95 with a 104hp straight two and I still haven’t even hit 50mph.
Rip me.
How do you guys even get this fast?
This is why I dont usually participate in these events, because I will always come last.

Steam Name : |JNA| Blaze
Steam Page :
Vechile Name: Nissan 200sx/240sx/214
Engine Specs : SR20 (Don’t know yet)
Weight : KG= Unknown

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I wanted to make it like that, but didn’t know how. Thank you.