Create a bot and use botsay (bot trap - do not close)

Hello, I would like to create a bot in garry’s mod in order to start using the expression 2 with botsay to put a door activation message on my server can you please help me

Bonjour, j’aimerai créer un bot dans garry’s mod affin d’utiliser pour commencer l’expression 2 avec un botsay pour mettre un message d’activation de porte sur mon serveur pouvez-vous m’aidez svp

Kudos, Loads of knowledge.

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Many thanks. I appreciate it.

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Thank you. Quite a lot of write ups.

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Wonderful postings Cheers.

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It’s not even a real site :v:

OP, try heading over to the wire expression 2 forums

Unless you created that account for all these bots to advertise without the thread being closed, and their weird ass troll ads remain, if so, smart.

You mentioned it fantastically.

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