Create a character with class


I’m pretty new with this LUA coding, after modifying some weapons and such, I thought that I would try to make a basic game mode, and it’s going fine so far but.

I want to make it so when you join, a menu pops up where you can either create a character, or use a previously created character. When you make the character, you should be able to choose what class it should be. After you created the character with the specified the class, you should not be able to change class ever again, is that posseble, if it is, help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to make it, I would just really appreciate any help, hints or sites that could help me, i’ve searched, whitout luck.

I’m sorry if it’s the wrong category.

Did you ever think of looking here?

My problem isn’t to make the class itself, but to create a character, that will be saved to the server, that should not be able to change it’s class ever again, abit like kuro script, with the menu popping up in the beginning where you can either pick a character, or create a new one. Just with classes involved too.

(Admins may have acces to change the class, not needed though)

Ah. Now i get it, I’ll look around.

Ok so what you are asking for is posible, but if you want to do it right your going to be doing lots of reading.
just as a start.

Thanks for the feedback guyes :slight_smile: