Create-A-Class Survival Gamemode

CreateAClass Survival

(Borrowed parts of this format from other threads)

One Sentence Summary: Customize your class and kill enemies.

The Parts of a Class

Primary Weapons Assualt Rifles (non-scoped), Shotguns
Secondary Weapons Submachine Guns
Side Arms Pistols
Equipment Various Types of Explosives, Running Shoes, High Powder Bullets (Extra Damage)
Primary (Damaging) Grenade Incinderiary, Frag, Sticky
Special Grenades Smoke and Flash
Perks Toughness (Extra Health) and Athletics (Extra Speed)
Armor Clothing (Hostage Model), Bulletproof Vest (Rebel Model), Battle Dress Uniform (CT Model), Battle Suit (Combine Model)

Q and A
Q: Do I have to remake my class every time I join?
A: No. It reloads your class when you join, and you can save a class.

Q: Who do I kill?
A: I’m currently developing this as part of a survival gamemode. I am going to release an entity to autospawn NPCs and give them a random weapon, based on what NPC it is.

Q: Cool story bro, now pics or GTFO!
A: I will, when I have time, just know that this isn’t in “Super Seekrit” development.

:siren:EDIT: pics are here: :siren:

Primary Weapons - 100%
Secondary Weapons - 100%
Side Arms - 100%
Special Weapons - 100%
Armor - 100%
Perks - 50% Not many ideas for perks
Equipment - 0% Still to-do
Primary Grenades - 0% Still to-do
Special Grenades - 0% Still to-do
Derma - 90% Everything I’ve done so far has a menu, and I have a simple template to streamline the process.
Saving/Loading - 100% If you leave the server, when you rejoin, you retain the same class. There is also a “saveclass” and “loadclass” command for storing one additional class.
NPC Spawning - 100% I have an entity for randomly spawning NPCs and giving them weapons
Round System - 0% Haven’t started on a round or scoring system




Who’s the developer?

I had this idea when I got into lua coding, hopefully you get somewhere rather than where I got to :v:

I’m assuming you’re either too stupid to look at my username, or you are implying that I don’t know how to script lua. Anyways, I am the developer, and please don’t let this turn into a flame/troll war.

Why do new “coders” feel the need to make threads for their gamemodes when they don’t even have any content.

Uploading screenies now.

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Because they forget how unforgiving Facepunch is. :smith:

No I saw your username, but you cannot script so this is why I am curious as to who the developer is.

EDIT: Pics are here:

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Will be editing post with pics.

Constructive Criticism: menus look like shit, there is no HUD, All I can see so far is you standing there with a gun and a simple menu letting you choose which gun you want when you die…

I could make this in 5 seconds it isn’t thread worthy

Come on guys, give him a chance.
Perhaps he’s new to Lua and this is his first gamemode. We all have to start somewhere.

Perhaps work on improving the derma menus, and don’t give up. If this is your first gamemode project, keep improving it until you feel a lot more comfortable in Lua.

No one should even advertise their first gamemode as 90% of the time it will fail or be shit so why has he made a thread?

You guys need to learn people gotta try, improve, and get better you can not just flame cause your better or not new, it just show your an ass.

Oh btw, i am new i am working with LUA, so what i can only script a little bit, i can’t make nothin as good as cis.joshb, now happy i tried here, and i might get banned for it too.

You should advertise so you know what people think and where you should get better, like with photoshop, you need people to rate your art and keep trying to get your art better.

i am decent at photoshop that’s how i know.

Oh and i typed this in a rush to there are grammatical errors.

People want to show their work, and they got all their damn reasons for it. Let them be proud of their work, and maybe you, yes you Flawless think it’s useless for them to advertise a gamemode. But Facepunch is about posting and talking, and you should be damn disapointed about yourself. Your the reason why people don’t want to show their work, and will stop posting their codes. I hope you will read and learn something from this. I’ve seen the good sites of you, when you give constructive critism and help people. But god, you can be a god damn big of a asshole sometimes.

This is the kinda thing wayo is for this has no need for its own thread

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FYI: I have no good side

Facepunch is a forum where people get together to talk and show their work. Much like stated earlier: in order to improve, it’s important for others to rate your work and give you advice, NOT discourage you from posting because it’s “shit”.

Good luck with the gamemode.

There is a difference between making a solid gamemode and doing a head roll on your keyboard and calling it something. No offence.

Why do people feel the need to spell it as “offence” when it’s clearly spelled as “offense”?

In either way, none taken. Now then, when you first start making a gamemode, does it look instantly amazing immediately? When making a gamemode you first code the core features, than the visual ones.
I also doubt that doing a head roll on your keyboard would make you a five second gamemode. If anything, it’d break your keyboard.

Sure, the guy is new to Lua, all I’m saying is: give him a fucking chance. Encourage him to get better.

Now when you first start making a gamemode do you make a thread immediately?

Then we get threads like this…


print(“Gamemode: Deathmatch build”);



print(“lol this is printed everywher!!1!”)

Mai gamemode is .003% done but i thought u guys would care