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I don’t know if this is the right place or the right website to post this question. If it isn’t then I’ll be happy to post it elsewhere because I don’t want to be of any trouble.

My problem is that When I click “Create A Mod” in Source SDK, I choose Half Life 2 Single Player Modification, I enter the place to store it C:/Confidential and the Name Confidential. But then I get this error.

Any Idea’s on why or how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Please let me know if this is the wrong forum or wrong website and I’ll be happy to post it somewhere else. Thanks

Valve haven’t released the source engine 2009 code. Use 2007.

Oh okay, How would I do that sorry? Just change it in the Modification?

Edit, Thanks I got it working. For the others out there having the same problem, when you start Source SDK change the bit to source 2006 and choose the game you want. Working for me now. Thanks Firegod! I would donate you money but I’m poor at the moment. Otherwise you’d have some more money in your bank:P

I don’t need any donations :v: I just like helping people out with this sort of stuff.

I’m Firegod’s accountant. Take no notice of him. Just send the money over to me, and I’ll direct it properly.


Haha okay Fire.

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Firegod is helpful as always.

Indeed he is.

Hey if I get stuck on anything else with this “Create a Mod” thing, can I post another post on this thread? Or would I have to post it somewhere else? (Sorry If this is a dumb question)

Sure, you can post it here

LoL no offence ashton, but I was acctuley asking the big forum guys, like Firgod.

That isn’t up to me to decide.

Though I think if you try the mega threads (sticky, and mine) its better safe than sorry.

Okay thanks man, Your the best:D


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