Create a new official server

Hello everyone.
We wanna create new official Russian server
what u think, FP accept my offer or not ?

I am and my company “MD” have special server platform : SuperMicro Sys-7047r-trf

Server config :
SuperMicro Sys-7047r-trf
CPU - 64bit Xeon Intel E5-2600 series (x2)
RAM - 64Gb (can up to 128Gb)
HDD - 4 Tb ((x2) one HDD for backup)

we can do official server without any mods

What u think about that ?


Um, go ahead? What’s stopping you? Anything that keeps russians off of EU servers is a good thing in my books.

yellowpete, I suggest not making contentless posts like that – only bad things can happen.

Wanting to have it on the official tab like Rustafied is what’s stopping them. They want special visibility.

At least yellowpete’s nice enough to ask instead of just faking the tags (and giving garry the finger until he blacklists the IP).

how i can send messege to Garry or FacePunch studio ?

this is a good question. i wud liek to know the answer too

You go on search and search for garry :smiley:

it’s not funny :dead:

I’m pretty sure making an official server is the kind of thing where if you’re asking about it, the answer is no.

I guess, the best way to find if you can have your own, official server is to ask Bugs how he got his server to be labeled as official. I haven’t the slightest idea what made that happen, but it seems that Bugs is pretty tight with them.

I suggest you stop trying to backseat mod every thread you can

Mobile always tags things while I scroll. Disregard.

His name on here is “garry :D”

Rustafied is a well adminned server, they got asked because they do a good job. I’ve played many hours there in the past.

I currently can’t play anywhere though, as Rust has been broken for me on Linux for 3 weeks.

i am too very old player , i am playing with zombie and have over 1200 hours in rust (that u mean ?)

Rustafied became official because they were able to prove to garry that they’re extremely responsible server owners who are also contributing heavily to the spread of development information. You’re not going to get put on the list just because you asked, you need to be a prime example of what garry expects in a well run server.

i have send message here (garry’s profile in gmail)
This is right ?