Create a relationship between sprint and health

Now that a sprint lock is being considered, can we see a relationship between sprint and health?

  • The higher your health is the faster you sprint
  • As you sprint your health decreases based on sprint speed. The faster you sprint the faster the health decreases.
  • Once you reach a lower threshold, say 10 health, you can no longer sprint or sprint is slightly better than walk. Like a light jog.
  • Balance food to have a greater impact at lower health to compensate for sprint impact

I agree that the higher your health is the faster you can sprint, but I don’t think that sprinting should decrease health. I have a hard enough time trying to keep my health up as it is, having to stop and hunt for food every 30 mins or so, without it decreasing every time I sprint.

Better would be that when you have higher health you get a little sprint buff, which runs out after 2-3 mins, and then you can run the same as everyone else. If your health is too low, your sprint is disabled, and you just walk.

i’d have it based on stamina pool, not health. health represents the amount of damage you have taken, when it hits 0, its saturation point and you die. stamina represents how much energy you have, when it hits 0 your health begins to decline as your body consumes its fat stores, muscle etc to keep going.

but i like the idea of tiered levels of sprint.

If I have 10 hp, because someone bashed my head in or shot some bullets through me. I’d recon I’d sprint less and the enemy actually has a chance of finishing me off. I always hated that gameplay in legacy. Sprint sprint sprint, if the one following stops and misses his shot the other always gained the advantage.

So at least reward the few times you’ve actually injured someone. It shouldn’t be walking, realism isn’t always good. But a 10% decrease for example would be plenty. The escapee can still juke the enemy with rocks/trees but on plains he’ll steadily lose ground.

What you’ve said isn’t inconsistent with mrknifey’s call for a stamina pool. The pool could be bounded on it’s upper limit by your overall health, and your speed could still be capped based on your health, and stamina rate of depletion could be tied to health as well.

i think, lower health should definitely mean slower running speed, HOWEVER:

-adrenaline-meter, so you will get a hefty running-speed bonus on occasion, you are in a scary situations, like guns firing around you, or if you get hit by bullet.
-A treshold-meter, which decreases in non-bleeding/damaging situations like bad food, hot/cold weather (if you have no clothes), and of course running. If that bar goes down to 0, your health will start going down.
-I think there should be walking-jogging-sprinting. Jogging is the current sprinting.

Sprinting should eventually cost hunger/thirst along with other activities, but they JUST added this feature, lets not jump the gun already. :quagmire:

No. At the very least, not yet. It’s already hard enough to run away from suped up guys with guns. Now you want to make me run slower, and them faster?

How about all new spawns just enter the game wearing briefs with a bullseye on it. A cone hat, and make loud chicken noises so you can hear them in the distance.

How about this

Everyone runs the same speed when naked.
Having armor on slows down run speed a little bit
Low health or recent leg damage will slow you down.
Sprinting costs XHunger/2XThirst per second (makes you twice as thirsty)

This way, a fully naked fresh spawn will have a small speed advantage over fully geared players, and in mirrored fights between each group (naked vs naked / geared vs geared) the deciding factor is health. Staying hydrated and well fed when in a geared vs geared battle would mean better fractional movespeed (say 5-8% difference max).

That’s what I was thinking. Naked = quicker. Armor = slower. As it should be really.

Before anything like this, I think stamina, and slowing someone down based on overall carried weight needs to be added.

Sounds reasonable however that makes people gathering resources little loot mules. You can run up to them with nothing but a gun and a smile as they try to run away slowly… not good. Just punishes the players who aren’t murderious thieves.