Create a window with Lua

I’m fairly new to lua, I have searched the forums and wiki, and I am yet to find an answer. So, how can I create a window in Lua. I want to do this because a friend of mine is creating an RP gamemode and he wants clients to be able to buy the abandoned house in rp_evocity_v2d. We have figured how to create doors, but can’t quite figure out how to create windows.


Windows are brushes from Hammer, you can’t create them using Lua (I guess)

yeah its hammer… the carve tool :slight_smile: couldn’t you edit the map? im pretty sure that it has a .vmf file somewhere… but i might be wrong

Im pretty sure it can be done with lua, because I have seen it on exiled’s lite rp server.

Go say that in the mapping section. :hehe:

Clipping tool.

Some windows are props, you could use them?

I think he means the breakable glass.