Create addon

Hello Face XD i so wanna make an addon becouse i easyly get bored in gmod but then i just wrote a notepad checklist of things to do in garrysmod but i wanna bring it into the game like an addon so i can check that i made it and so i dont have to close the game everytime i look what i should build (since im a great wire/e2 builder i created all the things my brain can thing of)

Use windowed mode.


nahh XD too bad quality then. And i will love to make an addon

Okay, first off, a couple of things:
Punctuation. It makes sentences legible.
“Faces”. They’re annoying, and obnoxious, especially when you use 5 faces for a single sentence post.

Now, for your problem. I think you were saying you want a way to edit lua from in-game. If so, you can use LuaPad.