Create an env_projectedtexture?

What should I put in the vmt?

I’m trying to achieve a SC:Conviction text overlay, could I use info_projecteddecal instead to get a similar effect?

Also sorry if this has already been asked, I couldn’t find anything on VDC.

put your VTF in your ep2’s material file, and make an env_projectedtexture, then turn your smartedit off. Add a Key named “targetname” and for the value, put the name of the texture you want to use, and include the .vtf extension.

you don’t need a vmt

I can’t get it to work, I’m not sure whether it’s my entity or my texture, but…



Do you have the background transparent and just the letters opaque?

The letters are opaque, on a black background.

Compressed with RGBA8888.

Make the background transparent and have a black brush texture.

Nope, nevermind I fixed the problem.

You have to create a logic_auto with an output SpotlightTexture <vtf>

The vtf has to be compressed with RGB888
Clamp S
Clamp T
No Mipmap

Then it works like a charm :v: