Create and Capture - Geoforts/SourceForts remake

Hey guys!

Me and a friend have been working together for 6 months creating a gamemode, Create and Capture, which is a fort fighting game similar to GeoForts, but with a lot of our own additions that make the game mode fun and tools that make it easier for others to create maps and extend it. We will be working on it more as time goes on.

New additions:

> Classes
> Fancy effects
> New UI features
> Interactive admin systems
> Many different props
> Easy spawning and block manipulation

Download and more information on the Steam Workshop.

Hope that you look at it and give it a like if you enjoy it!


Hey, I’m that friend working on this gamemode too. We’re gonna be consistently updating this thing, adding features and removing bugs. We hope you enjoy playing it, we’ve had a lot of fun time making it. Although it’s based on game modes like geoforts and sourceforts we definitely think this puts a different spin on it.
Thanks for checking this out.

Any updates?

Not yet. I am currently finishing a summer job before starting back at university. Did you have some ideas?

Good question… I would like a faction/team system and a nice looking HUD. Need a beta tester my fellow aussie? :wink:

Welcome to the forums, nice release.

How do you mean a faction/team system? There is currently already teams in it, as that is part of the core gameplay. What about the HUD could be included. We don’t need any testers right now, but I’ll remember it. :slight_smile: From NZ btw haha

what other gimmiks do you have in mind that might make this different from other build fort/shoot fort game modes?