Create Custom Weps with Custom Wep Skins?

Super noob question, but is it possible to use something such as: and create a mirror of an existing weapon (Such as the TTT Scout) but use the custom models instead? I’m not sure how models work so that’s why I’m here. I understand I have to create a custom LUA file such as weapon_zm_rifle_custom.lua and paste something like this;


SWEP.HoldType           = "ar2"

if CLIENT then
   SWEP.PrintName          = "Scout"
   SWEP.Slot               = 2
   SWEP.Icon = "vgui/ttt/icon_scout"

SWEP.Base               = "weapon_tttbase"
SWEP.Spawnable = false


SWEP.Primary.Delay          = 1.5
SWEP.Primary.Recoil         = 7
SWEP.Primary.Automatic = true
SWEP.Primary.Ammo = "357"
SWEP.Primary.Damage = 50
SWEP.Primary.Cone = 0.005
SWEP.Primary.ClipSize = 10
SWEP.Primary.ClipMax = 20 -- keep mirrored to ammo
SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip = 10

SWEP.HeadshotMultiplier = 4

SWEP.AutoSpawnable      = false
SWEP.AmmoEnt = "item_ammo_357_ttt"

SWEP.UseHands			= true
SWEP.ViewModelFlip		= true
SWEP.ViewModelFOV		= 54
SWEP.ViewModel          = "models/weapons/custom/v_snip_scout.mdl"
SWEP.WorldModel         = "models/weapons/custom/w_snip_scout.mdl"

SWEP.Primary.Sound = Sound(")weapons/scout/scout_fire-1.wav")

SWEP.Secondary.Sound = Sound("Default.Zoom")

SWEP.IronSightsPos      = Vector( 5, -15, -2 )
SWEP.IronSightsAng      = Vector( 2.6, 1.37, 3.5 )

function SWEP:SetZoom(state)
    if CLIENT then
    elseif IsValid(self.Owner) and self.Owner:IsPlayer() then
       if state then
          self.Owner:SetFOV(20, 0.3)
          self.Owner:SetFOV(0, 0.2)

-- Add some zoom to ironsights for this gun
function SWEP:SecondaryAttack()
    if not self.IronSightsPos then return end
    if self:GetNextSecondaryFire() > CurTime() then return end

    local bIronsights = not self:GetIronsights()

    self:SetIronsights( bIronsights )

    if SERVER then

    self:SetNextSecondaryFire( CurTime() + 0.3)

function SWEP:PreDrop()
    return self.BaseClass.PreDrop(self)

function SWEP:Reload()
	if ( self:Clip1() == self.Primary.ClipSize or self.Owner:GetAmmoCount( self.Primary.Ammo ) <= 0 ) then return end
    self:DefaultReload( ACT_VM_RELOAD )
    self:SetIronsights( false )
    self:SetZoom( false )

function SWEP:Holster()
    return true

if CLIENT then
   local scope = surface.GetTextureID("sprites/scope")
   function SWEP:DrawHUD()
      if self:GetIronsights() then
         surface.SetDrawColor( 0, 0, 0, 255 )
         local x = ScrW() / 2.0
         local y = ScrH() / 2.0
         local scope_size = ScrH()

         -- crosshair
         local gap = 80
         local length = scope_size
         surface.DrawLine( x - length, y, x - gap, y )
         surface.DrawLine( x + length, y, x + gap, y )
         surface.DrawLine( x, y - length, x, y - gap )
         surface.DrawLine( x, y + length, x, y + gap )

         gap = 0
         length = 50
         surface.DrawLine( x - length, y, x - gap, y )
         surface.DrawLine( x + length, y, x + gap, y )
         surface.DrawLine( x, y - length, x, y - gap )
         surface.DrawLine( x, y + length, x, y + gap )

         -- cover edges
         local sh = scope_size / 2
         local w = (x - sh) + 2
         surface.DrawRect(0, 0, w, scope_size)
         surface.DrawRect(x + sh - 2, 0, w, scope_size)

         surface.SetDrawColor(255, 0, 0, 255)
         surface.DrawLine(x, y, x + 1, y + 1)

         -- scope
         surface.SetDrawColor(255, 255, 255, 255)

         surface.DrawTexturedRectRotated(x, y, scope_size, scope_size, 0)

         return self.BaseClass.DrawHUD(self)

   function SWEP:AdjustMouseSensitivity()
      return (self:GetIronsights() and 0.2) or nil

in order to achieve that. However, as you can tell, I did add the models into the /custom folder and when I equip the weapon, it is an error. Is it due to me adding the model files to the /custom folder? If so, how would I solve that? I have the files locally and remotely in the correct locations.

You need to hex the model before, since it still tries to read models/weapons/v_snip_scout.mdl.
a good tutorial i think is this one, BUT i used this way back on cs:s pre orangebox. so idk for sure, but it should work the same way (especially since the tutorial was updated a year ago).

Well I successfully hexed it, but the model isn’t actually showing. It’s an error. I renamed the v_snip_scout part to v_serf_scout (for hexing and renaming the files) yet it will not properly display the model. :confused:

[editline]10th September 2014[/editline]

I just tried testing with a M9K weapon, putting the materials and models into the server’s materials/models files, and whenever I set a custom weapon to point to the world model or view model, they’re errors. If I do this on a local server, it works fine. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Another edit to say I’m only wanting the models/sounds. Nothing else.

Never mind again. It’s working now.