Create mulitplayer game

My friend and I wanted to play together. So I made a room and invited him to join. But he couldn’t. He gets “Server not responding”. Is the Create Mutliplayerr Game working at all?


Hmm thanks I shall try


Does not work as the site doesn’t list Garry’'s Mod.

turn your firewall off

If it work its will lag real bad.

same and now when i try to create a server my gmod crashes and when a server changes maps e.g. on a fretta server it crashes

Use the instructions on Half Life 2 - it runs on the same engine so the ports are the same.


Bleto, you only really need 27015-27016.

You must also understand that you cannot join your friends server from friends, you need to get the server name and look it up in the server list unless you take some extra steps to make friend joining possible. Not to mention most people can hardly run a server, unless you have a very good factory computer or an upgraded one you may be able to host a server, but the things you can do without performance issues will be very minnute.