Create Multiplayer isnt working.

Hey guys me and my friend Callsign “wulf” tryed the create multiplayer option and everytime it finishes loading the map we get sent back to the main menu. Both of us have tried and gotten same result.

Any Ideas?..

Have you forwarded your ports?

No I mea Making a simple just Create multiplayer from the menu like I cant even get in it i just go back to main menu and im host.

You need to forward your ports. Go to and select your router, then configure it yourself.

um ok…

Trust me, it’s not difficult. You just have to fill in a couple lines. There’s a tutorial on how to do this around here somewhere, though I lost the link.

I had the same problem (with ports fowarded) and for me it was just a curropt addon, so u might just wanna check

thats gonna be hard because i put in the garrysmod garrysmod directory…