create radiobox music


I would like to create an addon, then do as ERECTING A BOOM but with different music.
This is just my problem or.
After adding music and edit the file radiobox to put my music instead (I did a FastDL) everything goes well, I see the download of the music in question, then in the game, when I click (ie normally the music should get) the ben nothing happens.

If you can help me, and if you need information, to say thank you in the comments

Best Regards

I have absolutely no idea what you’re asking. Is this editing an addon already in existence, or are you wanting to create your own? Please put your question in a precise and direct manner.

If you are creating your own, create a table of different songs that it can cycle through, then with the radio every time the player presses E change the song based on the table (in a sense stop it from emitting the one and start afresh on the new one)

If this is editing one, then we need a link to the workshop/download, and if it is from Coderhire I suggest asking the author for help and do not post any code here (as that is considered leaking)

One final comment, if you are asking a question give as much information as you can, don’t make people ask. If we know more then we can do more.

what did i just read :l