Create safe rooms/chests for prized loot

I suggest a SAFE ROOM or safe chest made out of Diamond or Gold or master crafted from rare resources or uber quantities of resources. You would be allow one of these per map or per biome.
This way you could at least protect some prize stash, you know the one you spent hours or days accumulating, in a near break proof room/chest. A limit could be placed on what you could store, like 6 items for example.
You of course would be required to get out and EARN the resources to craft it and this would bring you into harms way of someone else’ guarded territory.

where’s ehmmett when you need him?

shit idea i dont like it

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i dont think that would be in the spirit of rust however, continuing this idea i think you should be able to lock chests and upgrade them like walls so you could make them stronger to prevent someone breaking them.

How about a new item called a “Pantry” that makes all loot boxes in a 50m radius appear empty, except to those who are authorized to it?


I see what you did there. Back to topic: that is what non-sleeper servers were for. Afraid you loose all your stuff? Take it in your inventory and log out. They can bomb away your house but they will never get your body with the good stuff.
When baseline is reached I bet there will be modded servers with that feature again.

How about a new item called a “Closet” too, where we can keep all our petticoats and fancy undergarments? :dance:

I don’t think Rust players wear undergarments…most don’t wear pants at all.

Some of the spirit is realism. Like when you go to a bank safety deposit box that only YOU can get to. I like this idea of upgraded locked chests. But Anything to fuel the angst of the TROLL. Right Ehmmett.

Maybe Rust isn’t the game for you, because Rust isn’t about making you safe.

There should be nothing that is automatically protected just because you own it. You risk losing everything. Welcome to Rust.

I think Rust is fantastic, and NEVER feel safe. I am always looking over my shoulder on every dangerous journey out. So why have locks on the door? Are you saying everytime I log off all I have is free for all the midnight trolls? Come on. I gathered, I built, whats MINE IS MINE.

not if i can take it. but then whats mine is mine until someone takes that too, so alls fair.

Perhaps FP should bring back the small stash and some more secret crevasses and hidden locations to store MY LOOT. Maybe even some booby trap bombs that blow you up when you enter my sacred place :slight_smile: